How To Target Businesses Owners with Facebook Ads

B2B marketers have long struggled to effectively advertise to business owners using digital advertising. Even with the robust data set that allows Facebook Ads to target specific demographics, many still fail to properly target business owners with their ads.

  1. Install Facebook Pixel. This is the first step for any business trying to advertise on Facebook. The Pixel is a piece of code that connects your website to your Facebook account, allowing you greater insights and the ability to create look-alike audiences.
  2. Create custom and look-alike audiences. After the Pixel is linked, you can now begin making custom and look-alike audiences. Custom audiences allow you to create sets of users that meet particular criteria as the starting point for your ad campaign. Custom audiences can be further enhanced by creating look-alike audiences for your highest converting customer groups. Some examples of look-alike audiences include: users who have been to your site and consumed your content or converted into a lead. Once you create some audiences with basic information inputted such as relevant locations and age groups, you can move on to more advanced targeting.
  3. Target page admins. Facebook allows for many targeting options, including behavior for digital activities, which allows you to target those who are Facebook business page admins. While not all page admins are business owners, more likely than not, business owners are going to admins of their business’s Facebook page. At the very least, page admins have a trusted role within a business. Combined with look-alike audience targeting, page admin targeting can help you find the segment of the audience that looks like your current customer and are page admins. This will help weed out many irrelevant users. You can find this targeting option under detailed targeting > behaviors > digital activities > facebook page admins.
  4. Target B2B interests. In addition to page admins, you can also target users with B2B intent such as business size or industry in order to find the business pages/owners that would be most relevant to your business. This will vary for any business, so think carefully about this before choosing.
  5. Job Title. Additionally, you are able to target users by job title to ensure you’re reaching the correct person within a company. Targeting an entry-level employee or too high up the food chain might not be your ideal contact.

Facebook targeting gives you a lot to work with and ensuring you’re doing more than the bare minimum will help maximize your budget and ROI.

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