Your Digital Marketing Dream Team

In physics, “delta-v” literally means a change in velocity and the meaning behind our brand name rings true to the mission, to shift how quickly our clients can navigate digital transformation and realize true online success.

Client Focused

We succeed when you succeed and we're focused on delivering the best service and results.

Onshore Experts

Our team is based in the US and we do 99% of our work in house. While 1% is outsourced to local contractors.

Certifiably Great

We continually certify our staff to ensure you're getting the best and most up to date marketing advice.

Awards & certifications

Hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Our team of search engine marketing experts are dedicated to continually testing and certifying their skills to ensure that our clients are getting the best and most up to date marketing strategies possible.

Our values

When the team in charge of your marketing enjoys their work, you benefit. We work hard to ensure that our team is rooted in core values that instills positive life/work balance, dedication, and excellence.

Clients first

We are committed to effectively executing our best work on time so that our clients succeed.

Stay curious

We believe learning is an ongoing process so we stay driven to master what we don’t know.

Always innovate

Ideas can come from anywhere and we constantly explore new ideas to find the best path forward.

Have fun

We spend a lot of time at the office, and we want to create memorable and positive office experiences.

Culture matters

We define success based on a healthy culture of hard work, positive personal development, and a strong team bond.

Our team

With over 40 years of combined experience, your search engine marketing strategy is in good hands. Our team was carefully selected to provide our clients with a diverse set of talent, expertise, and experience.

Keith Vera


Dimitris Volakis


Brandon Kidd

VP of Operations

Zach Stone

VP of Marketing

Eric Veum

Director of Design

Chris Lanphear

Director of Product Development

Carter Poore

Digital Marketing Manager

Majo Daly

Client Success Manager

Emily Trowbridge

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Courtney Wayland

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Madison Rose

Digital Marketing Strategist

Andres Salvador

Digital Marketing Strategist

Bryn Williams

Digital Marketing Strategist

Kaylee Malek

Digital Marketing Strategist

Mikaela Stelmach

Digital Marketing Strategist

Ivan Hryhoriev

Web Developer

Bridget Arnott

Associate Digital Strategist

Kenneth Rathmann

Associate Digital Strategist

Christina LeVasseur

Digital Marketing Servicer

Shelby Thomas

Digital Marketing Servicer

Louise Armstrong

Digital Marketing Servicer

Ready to dominate search?

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