4 Reasons to Follow Video Audio Transcript SEO Best Practices

Consider these stats on the ways people learn:

Consider these stats on the ways people learn:

Because of the different ways people digest information, different types of content have a place online. A quick Google search of most terms yields you everything from text and infographics to videos.

This is also precisely why video + audio is gaining steam in SEO. Here are four reasons why video + audio will be the vanguard of future SEO.

1. Transcribed Audio Is SEO Ranked

A whopping 62 percent of Google universal searches include video. It's the most likely form of content to appear along with written text in the first page of results.
While having video helps your SEO, having video with corresponding text helps even more. After all, search engines can't hunt through a video or audio recording for keywords. But a transcript of that video makes your content much more searchable. That's why captioned videos get 40 percent more views.

2. Transcribed Audio Reaches Hearing-Impaired Audiences

It's important to consider that there are many folks who can't enjoy the full benefits of video + audio content. According to research, about 15 percent of U.S. adults have at least some trouble hearing.

This is why transcription is now becoming more important in SEO. Having words along with your video and audio files ensures everyone can view the content. Knowing this, it shouldn't come as a surprise that pages with video transcripts earn 16 percent more revenue than those that don't.

3. People Watch and Listen at the Same Time

Most people learn visually and aurally. Video and audio content covers both of those learning methods, which means it will only continue to perform well in SEO (as long as it has transcribed text below).
So, it's not mind-boggling that 80 percent of internet users can recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days. Marketers should be taking note of such trends because when one-third of all online activity is spent viewing video and audio content, the SEO rewards of such content can be tremendous.

4. Spoken Word Is a Great Medium to Articulate a Message

The spoken word is how some of the world's greatest stories were passed down through generations. Even with modern technology, it is still influential because the spoken word offers a powerful way to connect with viewers.
Perhaps this is the reason the majority of marketers believe video and audio content offers the best ROI. It establishes an emotional connection, which makes viewers most likely to react in the way you want (such as sharing the video or buying the product). Undoubtedly. All that engagement will boost SEO.