Trailcraft Cycles

Using full-service digital marketing to take growth to light-speed.


When you operate within a niche industry, the best way to stand out is to create a product or offer a service that is so high-quality that it sells itself. However, standing out with an amazing product means nothing if the users who need it can't find you. That is where digital marketing comes in. Using a holistic digital marketing approach that utilized every relevant marketing channel, Trailcraft Cycles has been able to super-charge their growth; connecting mountain biking kids with the highest quality bikes in the industry.


Increase in phone calls in 1 year


Increase in contact form submissions in 1 year


Increase in website revenue in 1 year


Trailcraft Cycles is an example of the ideal marketing client, as they have a product that truly sells itself.

A small family based business located in Fort Collins, Colorado; their goal is to share the bikes they’ve created for their own kids to ride through proven geometry and high quality components in category leading weights so their customers can spend more time riding as a family. While Trailcraft Cycles might seem expensive initially, each bike is tuned and ready to ride out of the box with no future mods necessary to make them lighter. They build their bikes to be 4-5 pounds lighter than their competition, with premium components, and optimized geometry.

The Problem

Sometimes, having a great product isn't enough when you are a small business. While Trailcraft thrived on referral and word of mouth business, it was difficult for them to get any sales traction from other sources. As a solely internet-based retailer with no physical location, it was of great importance to start gaining more visibility online - particularly in search engines, social media, and on mountain biking websites. That is where DeltaV Digital came in to help take their brand to the next level.

Our Solution

Trailcraft was in need of a full-service marketing plan, not just a few a-la-carte services.

As with many of our full-service clients, the first step was to create a website that combined their brand concepts of "family", "quality", and "attention-to-detail" with a web design that converts traffic into customers. We were able to work with Trailcraft to build an eCommerce site that introduced users to their brand, their values, and streamlined the buying process.

While the website alone greatly boosted their organic visibility and their conversion rates, there was still much work left to be done. Our priorities shifted to bringing in high-quality traffic focusing on two goals:

  1. Capturing users who were actively searching for kids mountain bikes
  2. Generating interest and brand consideration among parents of mountain biking children

To achieve these goals, Trailcraft utilized nearly every relevant advertising channel available. This included Google Search Ads and Google Shopping Ads to capture users actively looking for kids mountain bikes, and YouTube, Social Media, and Google Display Ads to generate interest among those likely to be interested. In addition, working with mountain biking publications such as MTBR and BikeRumor, we were able to create image ads for those particular websites, ensuring that anyone interested in mountain biking knew the name: Trailcraft Cycles.

This holistic approach has helped Trailcraft develop an active brand across all of the relevant channels, vastly improving their brand awareness, and as a result, sales.

The Results

Trailcraft Cycles has seen a 63% increase in their overall traffic, along with a 46% increase in their organic traffic, a 31% increase in their direct traffic, and a 90% increase in their referral traffic. This additional traffic, in addition to their advertising traffic from Google, Facebook, and YouTube has led to significantly greater brand awareness within the Kids' Mountain Biking industry - seeing about 25% more brand name searches in Google every year.

This traffic growth has led to a 36% surge in online revenue and a 28% surge in total transactions, and that's just online! They've also seen a 100% increase in phone calls from their website, a 60% increase in their contact form submissions and custom build requests.