Rodelle Inc.

Multi-channel pay-per-click advertising to maximize year-round sales.


Succeeding within the Food & Beverage industry is no small task, and that's not just for local restaurants. It is imperative to not just attract new customers by communicating value, but to keep those customers coming back by delivering a product that meets, or exceeds their expectations. For Rodelle, there has never been an issue with the latter. Known in the baking industry as having some of the highest quality vanilla extract available, Rodelle has expanded its products to cover any baker's needs.

What good is a great product if no one knows it exists though? Our job in partnering with Rodelle was to show their products to the people who needed them the most - the bakers and cooks who were actively searching for the products they offer. Through PPC platforms such as Amazon, Google, Walmart, and Facebook - we were able to do just that.


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Increase in New Users in 1 year


Rodelle is one of the largest authentic vanilla extract manufacturers in the US. When the Rodelle family moved to Denver, Colorado, from the south of France in 1936, they quickly realized their new country lacked a high-quality pure vanilla extract for their recipes. So the family of avid bakers decided to produce their own premium vanilla extract and founded Rodelle Laboratories in 1936 to revolutionize the standard for gourmet flavors.

They offer a complete line of superior baking ingredients, baking extracts, and gourmet spice blends that will take your culinary adventures from good to grand.

The Problem

Rodelle had plenty of opportunities for improvement when they started working with DeltaV. The first area for improvement was the website. When you are a company with as many products, recipes, and resources as Rodelle is, it can be easy for your website to get a bit overwhelming for the user.

From there, the focus shifted towards bringing the most relevant users to the website with targeted digital advertising. However, Rodelle had not seen much success with this in the past. There were several reasons as to why Rodelle's PPC efforts saw mixed results previously:

  1. They were not tracking the right conversions
  2. Their location targeting was too broad
  3. Their interest and keyword targeting was too broad
  4. They weren't taking full advantage of their strengths

These issues compounded, leading to plenty of ad dollars being spent, but having no way of determining whether the campaigns had been successful or not.

Our Solution

As with any of our marketing clients, the first few steps in their digital transformation include ensuring their website is optimized for conversions, and that it is tracking those conversions properly. Our goal in rebuilding Rodelle's website was to make the user experience significantly easier for the user, by presenting them with only the most relevant information and calls-to-action; while allowing them to dig deeper as they needed to. In addition, Rodelle was previously tracking what we would call "soft conversions". These are conversions such as page views, videos watched, session duration, etc. While these can be valuable insights, what we truly want to track with conversions are buying-intent actions. These include "Buy Online" clicks, "Contact Form Submissions", "Phone Calls", etc. After launching Rodelle's site, setting up proper conversion tracking was our next intiative.

From there, we focused on driving highly targeted advertising traffic to their website from Google, YouTube and Facebook, with the goal of attracting only the most relevant users (either bakers that were close to a store where they could buy Rodelle; or bakers who actively shop online) to their website. Additionally, we launched campaigns on Amazon and Walmart with the goal of securing users searching broadly for the products that Rodelle offers, like "pure vanilla extract". These campaigns helped Rodelle dominate the holiday-baking season, seeing a 500% ROI on Amazon alone.

The Results

The combination of a new website, conversion tracking, and multi-channel digital advertising has helped lift Rodelle's online presence dramatically. In addition to seeing a 500% ROI on their Amazon campaigns, they have seen a 300% ROI on Walmart, along with surges every holiday season in terms of "on-site conversions".

The site has seen a 38% increase in new users (boosted by a 148% increase in social media traffic), and has seen a 127% increase in their average session duration.