IoT Hub

Creating a centralized source of Internet of Things technology and converting traffic into leads.


To get high value prospects to actually convert on a website you have to offer value and you have to develop solutions to the problems your audience is trying to solve. This case study highlights how DeltaV helped IoT Hub create a valuable resource for the IoT industry and how technical and practical SEO helped generate thousands of highly valued leads.


Increase in website traffic in 1 year

20k +

Leads generated in the first year

100k +

Highly ranked keywords


IoT Hub provides industry leaders with vital information in the IoT space and across dozens of verticals like transportation, smart cities, and enterprise IoT. Information ranged from video, pdf, powerpoint, blog content, and white papers. In addition IoT Hub maintains the largest database of IoT providers and acts as a central point of industry information.

With a rich set of data, they stand to generate highly valuable leads for themselves and their sponsored partners.

The Problem

Rapidly developing and ranking a niche website.

Ranking a new website in an emerging industry can be difficult. There are a lot of unknown variables like demand, market futures, audience expectations, and the king of them all - sales team expectations. Understanding how to develop a website and marketing strategy that's designed to rapidly deploy and test content, structure, and conversion funnels without heaps of resources is seemingly impossible but necessary in order to solve these difficult challenges.

In addition, what sales people demand is much different than the market demand. Often the audience & marketing teams strive to develop strong data sets with lead ranking and predictive intent but sales teams are more concerned with lead volume and precise contact data. Balancing audience ESP and sales needs can leave marketers in the middle of a tug-o-war between these ideas.

While audience intent & lead scoring is nice to have, our sales team is really focused on lead volume and accuracy of data. If we can achieve a balance I think we can please both the content development teams and the sales teams.

Amanda M.
- Informa

Our Solution

Multi Faceted Gated Content, Searchable Vendor Database, Integrated User Reporting

DeltaV developed a centralized content warehouse that delivered the IoT Hub audience true value. The site we developed featured user profiles, complex content hierarchy & taxonomies that helped visitors quickly navigate to and consume valuable content, and built out one of the largest IoT vendor lists available.

All together IoT Hub was able to identify what content and vendors their audience engaged with most and was able to provide this information to sales teams who were then able to quickly match solutions with prospective buyer needs. In addition, the audience insights helped content teams develop resources that were more likely to perform well.

The Results

Over the course of a year IoT Hub was able to generate over 20k leads each with a lifetime value (LTV) over $5k and with many over $100k. In addition the rich set of niche content helped the platform rank for over 100k key phrases and was boosted by the natural back links the site attracted. With the addition of unique user data, sales teams were able to obtain both lead volume and lead insights that helped them maximize their opportunities and close more deals.

Additionally new partners frequently join the platform as the continued value of the platform continues to grow.