Oelo Lighting Solutions

Maximizing seasonal sales with highly-focused Google Ads campaigns.


Almost all businesses, particularly B2C businesses have a degree of seasonality in their sales cycles. When you are a holiday light manufacturer, this seasonality is even more drastic. Oelo, who helps customers turn permanent Christmas lights into year-round holiday lights, sees their sales peak in the November/December months, as this is the time when most people are considering hanging Christmas lights. For businesses like them, it is incredibly important to maximize their potential sales during the holiday season.

75% of users click on one of the first 3 results, so if you're not ranking first on Google for the necessary search terms or running Google Ads, you could be missing out on a lot of potential business.


Increase in organic traffic in 1 year


Increase in quote requests due to ads


Increase in new users in 1 year


Backed by 40 years in the mission-critical lighting industry, Oelo delivers permanent, configurable LED lighting solutions. Oelo offers two products — a color-changing holiday lighting system and a dimmable patio lighting system. Unlike other permanent holiday lights, Oelo is the only multi-color system that lets you mix and match infinite color options while adding movement to create your own custom lighting programs.

Oelo enables their customers to never have to hang holiday lights again! Oelo's LED color-changing lighting system features a paintable channel lighting, available in nine different colors to blend in with your exterior — meaning you can keep your lights up year-round for endless festivity.

The Problem

Oelo and DeltaV Digital first connected via the 6th episode of the Lean Marketing Podcast. Oelo was entering their busy season of November and October, and wanted to see if Google Ads could help them maximize their potential for the 2019 holidays.

While members from the Oelo team had some advetising experience, Oelo wanted to be sure and maximize their results by working with a dedicated Search Engine Marketing Agency.

Our Solution

As with any other business, DeltaV's first step was to get to know Oelo, understand their goals, and ensure that we were able to properly track those goals. We began our process by building out keyword lists, and going back and forth with Oelo over the course of weeks to ensure that the list was as accurate and relevant as possible. Since we would only be running ads for 3 months (October-December), it was crucial to ensure everything was as close to perfect as possible at launch. What may seem like a small difference between "color changing lights" and "permanent color changing christmas lights" was truly a HUGE difference in terms of the intent of the user. By ensuring our keywords were as specific as possible like the latter keyword, we were able to attract only the most relevant traffic.

Once search ads were launched, the work didn't stop there. Since ads were running for such a short window of time, DeltaV checked the results daily to ensure that performance was as optimal as possible. Throughout the process, we removed keywords that were lagging in their performance, adjusted our campaigns based on the competition, and reported our results to Oelo to ensure things were looking good on their end.

Additionally, DeltaV took advantage of Oelo's strengths (showing their product in action) and developed YouTube ads and GIF ads that showcased their lights' color changing ability. These ads helped increase the number of searches for Oelo, leading to the most organic and direct traffic in their website's history.

The Results

In the 3 months of advertising, DeltaV's Search Ads accounted for 205 quote requests (their primary conversion), which was 50% of all quote requests for that time period. This means that search ads alone elevated their leads by double for the holiday season. 80% of those who converted were new users, indicating that Oelo was able to capture significant market share while running ads.

In November/December of 2019, Oelo's organic traffic increased by 209% from the same time period the year before, with their quote requests from organic search rising accordingly.

Overall, Oelo was successful in doubling their potential during the 2019 season, and improving their brand awareness and consideration for long-term results.