One Health Chiropractic

Elevating a local business into an industry leader with a holistic digital marketing approach.


Dominating a local market for any industry requires a holistic digital marketing approach; ensuring that you are generating interest in your services, and capturing those who are actively looking for your services. This case study highlights how DeltaV Digital helped OneHealth Chiropractic scale their practice using website design, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising.


Increase in consultation requests in 1 year


Increase in website traffic in 1 year


Increase in booking rate in 1 year


OneHealth Chiropractic is a Fort Collins chiropractic clinic with a unique approach to health and healing. They are a family clinic, operated by Dr. Brandon Buttry and Dr. Jessica Buttry, and in addition to serving their community with chiropractic care, are thought leaders in the world of chiropractic - with their website and videos serving as a reliable source of education for spine and nerve health.

To them, Health is not a destination. Health is an ongoing, individually unique process of earning and maintaining natural well-being--where susceptibility is minimized, potential is MAXIMIZED, and the greatest expression of life is achieved through consistent investments in yourself.

The Problem

Standing out locally in a crowded industry.

Standing out in a large city with many local businesses to choose from can be a tall task. Not only is it important to rank well on Google for the keywords that your prospective customers are searching, but it's important to generate demand and interest in your services in the first place. To win business, local chiropractors must not only reach the right people - but convey high-level knowledge and trustworthiness.

While OneHealth has always thrived on business from referral and word of mouth, they wanted to open their practice up to more sources of traffic - namely via Google and social media. With this new traffic, OneHealth also wanted to see the traffic on their website convert into patients at a higher rate. This required seeing improvements to their search engine ranking for searches like "fort collins chiropractor" and reaching out to those who weren't actively looking for chiropractic care yet.

Our Solution

Creating a Unified Brand, Website Design That Converts, Targeted Digital Advertising

All of the traffic in the world means nothing if you do not have a website that can turn that traffic into paying customers. As the first step towards accomplishing our goals, DeltaV helped OneHealth design and launch a new website that combined our conversion-rate-optimization best practices with OneHealth's unique branding. This included telling users more about the doctors, their process, what a user could expect, and simplifying the process of getting their first appointment scheduled.

From there, we could turn our focus to bringing in more traffic organically, through social media, and through digital advertising. Our organic strategy focused on 3 areas:

  1. Technical optimizations
  2. Content creation
  3. Link building

By creating a unified strategy which focused on consistently creating new content, using link building services to get the doctor's quoted in articles/publications, and keeping the website operating at full power at all times, OneHealth has been able to quadruple their Google Search Engine impressions in the past year for a variety of search terms.

In terms of digital advertising, OneHealth uses a combination of search engine, social media, display, and YouTube advertising to achieve 2 major goals:

  1. Capturing business from those actively looking for chiropractic services
  2.  Generating demand for chiropractic services from those likely to be interested

Using YouTube, Google Display, and Social Media advertising, OneHealth has been able to connect to those who may have been searching for back/neck pain remedies, those who may have recently suffered from an auto injury, and present a solution for these users' ongoing pain. Combining DeltaV's outreach skills with the Buttry's educational skills has allowed OneHealth to treat people who would have never previously considered chiropractic.

The Results

Not only did the combination of organic and paid outreach improve OneHealth's Google ranking; but it also helped to increase the number of users searching for "fort collins chiropractor" in the first place, making the potential market much larger. In addition, the number of users searching directly for "onehealth chiropractic" has seen a large surge, telling us that their branding efforts have been effective.

This holistic digital marketing approach of CRO-focused web design, search engine advertising, a laser-focused organic strategy, and video/display outreach has helped OneHealth Chiropractic see a 62% increase in their website traffic, a 113% increase in their consultation form requests, and quadruple their search engine visibility in just one year.

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